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Stratford upon Avon Festivals

Stratford upon Avon may be a town steeped in history, but it is a world-class provider of both contemporary and traditional entertainment that it second to none. In recent weeks the town has hosted a number of festivals that have swelled visitor numbers and left the satisfied crowds wanting more.

While Stratford has much to offer the millions of visitors that pass through each year, one feature that is always a constant source of pleasure is the River Avon, gently meandering through the town and carrying rowing boats, river cruisers and canoes along the way.

River Avon, Stratford upon Avon

Earlier this month the river was the setting for Stratford’s first River Festival for thirty-five years, which was one of the most successful events to be held on the Recreation Ground for some time. The event drew an additional twelve thousand visitors to the town over its three days, and a flotilla of more than 70 boats. On land there were a number of stalls both inside and outside the main marquee, featuring arts and crafts as well as ecological and environmental traders. The crowds were entertained by bands, boat races, concerts and kite flying, and when everyone had worked up a hearty appetite, there were plentiful food choices to suit all tastes.

The following weekend brought a different kind of festival, this time Midsummer Music, a pre-cursor to the Stratford-upon-Avon Music Festival 2009 which will take place from 3rd-10th October. The festival featured three concerts from outstanding musicians. British pianist Freddy Kempf, Solstice Quartet (winners of the Royal Overseas League 2009) and Duo Dorado delighted audiences with classical performances of Bach, Rachmaninov, chopin, Beethoven and Schumann in various venues across the town.

Of course now that summer is upon, it won’t be long before the good people of Stratford hear the familiar sound of motorbike engines revving as the Bulldog Bash gets under way again at Long Marston Airfield. The biker’s festival is sited a few miles outside of the town, but the revellers can always be seen snaking through the traffic on their way to, from and during the event in various parts of Stratford, most notably along Waterside by the river. That said, organisers this year are asking those attending not to gather on Waterside. This is in response to a request from the council who have advised that bikers flouting parking restrictions will be issued with fixed penalty tickets.

The Bulldog Bash takes place from the 6th-9th August.

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