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Stratford upon Avon Food Festival

Stratford upon Avon Food Festival

I was very pleased to read about the forthcoming Stratford Food Festival, which takes place in the town from Friday 25th September to Sunday 27th September. The event will be preceded by a celebration of international food and drink, called Taste 09 starting on 21st September, and will involve themed streets in the town centre, featuring Americano, Indian, Italian, Chinese and British food, music and dance. There will be free food-tasting to whet the appetites of visitors and revellers.

On Monday 21st September, Sheep Street will become Little India, with Indian and Asian themed performances on the Corn Market, Bhangra dancers by the Swan fountain and free taste sessions from the Indian restaurants. Many bars, pubs and restaurants will be joining in the festivities with an Indian style theme to support the event.

On Tuesday, 22nd September, Rother Market and Greenhill Street will be turned into Chinatown, with Chinese and Asian themed performances, free taste sessions from Chinese & Asian restaurants, dragons and lanterns and a Loi Krathong type lantern launch.

Wednesday, 23rd September sees the High Street with an Americano theme. There will be wandering Western style dance, stretch limos, American Football, Elvis and ticker tape, all finished off with jazz, hot dogs, salsa and jive.

On Thursday, 24th September, Wood Street becomes Little Italy, with Italian style wandering serenaders and restaurant based free food tasters. Enjoy pizzas, pasta, violins and wine. Mama Mia!

And on Saturday, 25th September, as the Food Festival gets underway on the Recreation Ground, Henley Street re-lives Olde England. Step back in time to the Tudors with costumed knights and maidens, galliards, jigs and Morris dancing, Mary Arden’s Mummers, roast beef and ale.

Among other things taking place is the Taste Trail which promises to be very popular and an array of buskers across the town throughout the week.

For further information about the event, visit – it’s likely to one of the high-spots of Stratford’s social calendar this year, so don’t miss it.

And don’t forget to come back and tell us what you thought about the Festival. What was your favourite bit? Has it increased your interest in food? Did you try anything to eat that you hadn’t tried before? Do write in and let us know.

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By Anonymous Anonymous | 18 October 2009 at 23:45  

A fantastic event this year!


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