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Laugh out loud at Cox's Yard

Laugh out loud at Cox's Yard

The Citroën DS3 Ecomedy Tour: Two comedians, five nights, five hundred miles, one tank of fuel.

Dan & Christian will be performing at

03/08/10 - Cox’s Yard, Stratford upon Avon

Citroën’s DS3 is going on tour - transporting comedians Dan Adams and Christian Ancliff to their first ever Edinburgh Fringe Festival (6th to 30th August). The Citroën DS3 Ecomedy Tour will see the two stand-ups piloting a DS3 DStyle 99g and gigging all the way from London to Edinburgh - a journey of over 500 miles - all on a single tank of fuel.

The pair will put in a performance each night during the tour, playing in London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Manchester and Glasgow before reaching Edinburgh in time for the start of their Fringe run. The DS3 Ecomedy Tour runs from 1st to 6th August and is supporting Oxford-based hospice, Helen & Douglas House.

To allow members of the public to follow all the action, Dan and Christian will be updating a special tour microsite, every day with videos, images and words.

Christian Ancliff commented; “It’s our first Fringe appearance, so understandably we’re fantastically nervous and very excited at the same time. Trying out our show material right across the UK during the tour will give us a great warm-up and a brilliant experience.”

Dan Adams added; “We’re testing our humour against the public and Citroën’s technology against the elements. I only hope we can match audience laughs per gig with DS3’s miles per gallon. This should be a terrific adventure for a very worthwhile cause. We look forward to sharing it with the public.”

For more information on each performance or to follow the tour activity, visit

Tour updates will also be published on Citroën’s official Twitter and Facebook pages: &

The Citroën DS3 Ecomedy Tour kicks off in London on the 1st August and finishes in Edinburgh on the 6th August.

Dan & Christian will be performing at:

01/08/10 - The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London (SW8 2HJ)

02/08/10 - George’s Jamboree, The Chester Arms, Oxford (OX4 1SN)

03/08/10 - Cox’s Yard, Stratford upon Avon (CV37 6YY)

04/08/10 - The Comedy Store, Deansgate Locks, Manchester (M1 5LH)

05/08/10 - Uisge Beatha, 232 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow (G3 6ND)

Dan & Christian are performing their Edinburgh Fringe show, Baggage of Being, from 7th to 28thAugust at The Globe (Venue 389). For more information visit:

Helen & Douglas House Hospice provides respite and end-of-life care for children & adults with life-shortening conditions, as well as support and friendship for the whole family.

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