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Warwick Words Festival

Starts: 1st October - Ends: 10th October

From the small town of Warwick, whose literary connections run from Tolkien to Philip Larkin, comes Warwick Words Festival. The event, which began in 2002, runs from 1st to the 10th of October and is now in its 10th year. In the past, it has attracted such writers as Beryl Bainbridge and Andrew Davis. This year is no exception and is promising to be its best yet with such writers as Jacqueline Wilson and Sarah Dunnant coming to the historical town.

The festival is holding a host of events to suit every kind of writer; from a market stall, where you can bring along a book and leave with a different one, to workshops that range from writing a biography, to rapping. For those who haven’t had the courage to actually put pen to paper there are coffee mornings with established writers that may help to inspire you. Even the young wordsmiths are not left out, with events such as the Bookstaff Party where the under fives can meet their favourite Tony Ross character, The Little Princess.

It’s a definite date in Warwickshire’s literary calendar and may even inspire that future writer or even begin the flame of a future Warwick poet laureate.

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